ZKM - The Magic Mountain

video recording of performance, trailer 2016

Production of promotional video and video editing of performance for Zagreb Youth Theatre.


Director of photography: Ivana Marinić Kragić
Cameraman: Dario Hacek
Sound design: Viktor Grabar
Editing: Lea Mileta


In the case of a novel, in particular one with the scope of Mann’s novel about time, to bring closer all the layers of the text within the performance seems to be a battle lost in advance, because reducing a slow drizzle of sentences to only two or three hours of the essence on stage actually means mutilating the integrity of the work. But, is there a better justification for the reduction and discrepancy of different temporalities than the central topic of the novel, the relativity of time?


Director: Janusz Kica
Dramatization: Hermann Beil i Vera Sturm
Dramaturge:  Lada Kaštelan 
Stage Design: NUMEN
Costume Design: Doris Kristić
Music: Wolfgang Schmidtke
Light Design: Aleksandar Čavlek